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Vaccine Consultations

A Holistic Approach to Vaccines

When it comes to vaccines, there is A LOT of information out there. Many moms express feelings of hesitation, fear, confusion, and overwhelm when trying to make these decisions for their children on their own. 

Do any of these sound familiar? 

  • You may be feeling overwhelmed with how much information there is to sort through. 
  • You may feel confused with how much conflicting information there is to consider. 
  • You may feel unsupported or bullied by your family or healthcare provider. 

Imagine if: 

  •  You know the exact brand of each immunization
  •  You know that you chose the safest option. 
  •  You were prepared with supplements and nutrients to support your child’s response to the vaccine.
  •  You know you’ve done everything you can for optimal efficacy and decreasing adverse reactions.
You leave feeling empowered!
  • You are able to confidently choose which vaccines to give to or not to your child based on fact, not fear. 
  • You can calmly communicate your choices with your doctor. 
  • You can stand firm in your commitment to the health and wellness of your individual child.
You leave feeling confident!

As a mom myself, I was right there with you! 

When I became a mother, I had a lot of questions about vaccines…

Despite my extensive training on vaccinations within Naturopathic Medicine School, I still didn’t feel like I had a good grasp on what would be best for my daughter. I knew if I felt overwhelmed, then I must not be alone. That is when I decided to take a deep dive into the research behind vaccinations and what I can do to better ensure efficacy and safety for my own kids, as well as, my patients. 

What is Informed Consent?

We start by educating on each vaccine preventable infectious disease, as well as the associated vaccination. When educating parents on the infection, we focus on the three R’s: 

  • Route of Transfer: It makes a difference whether the infection is airborne vs only transferred through blood. 
  • Rate of Infection: It makes a difference whether there are thousands of cases each year in the US alone vs 100s of cases worldwide. 
  • Risk of Infection: It makes a difference whether the infection commonly causes brain damage or death vs the infection being commonly treated from home. 

Are you concerned about side effects? Our goal is TRUE informed consent. We are here to answer your questions and concerns based on all of the available data, as well as, clinical experience! There is no question that is too controversial!

We believe there is a better way…

As a big proponent of individualized medicine, we believe there should never be a one size fits all approach. After hundreds of hours of vaccine research and years of counseling parents, we’ve helped hundreds of families design alternative vaccine schedules that put the child’s unique needs at the forefront.

Ready to feel empowered with your vaccine decisions?

There are THREE ways for you to get your vaccine questions answered.

Vaccine course

1. Join the Vaccine Empowerment Program 

I’ve teamed up with my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Elana Roumell, Founder of Med School for Mom’s to create the Vaccine Empowerment Program. 

Within this program, you will have immediate access to: 

  • 15 Pre-recorded Videos
  • 23 Downloadable Handouts 
  • Discounts on Vaccine Detox and Immune Support Supplements 
  • 4 Bonus Offers 
  • COVID Guide for Children 18 months + 
  • Access to Quarterly Vaccine Calls with Dr. Ari and Dr. Elana 
  • Lifetime Access to Program Materials and Updates 
Vaccine course

2. Book a 90-min Vaccine Consult

The 90 minute Comprehensive Vaccine Consult:

This appointment is designed for: 

  • A new parent looking to design an alternative schedule for their child.
  • A parent who wants to better understand each vaccine and the associated infectious disease. 
  • A parent who is looking to feel informed, confident, and empowered with communicating their vaccine decisions with their child’s pediatrician. 
  • A family who has differing opinions about vaccinations and is looking for guidance on how to move forward with their child’s vaccine plan. 

We Will Cover: 

  • Vaccine Decision Making: Providing you the information to make the best choice for your child.
  • Vaccine Education: Understanding the vaccines and how your child could contract each infection
  • Assessing the Risk Factors: Giving you the tools to assess your child’s individual risk profile for getting or foregoing each vaccine
  • Vaccine Options: Not all vaccines are created equal; know which forms are preferred
  • Pre and Post Vaccine Plan: Improving the efficacy and safety of vaccines by supporting an intelligent immune response and detoxification. 
  • State Laws and Exemptions Options: In many cases, we must not only consider what is medically relevant, but also what is legally mandated. Dr. Calhoun will help you determine which vaccines are necessary for school and exemptions options available within your state. 
Vaccine course

3. The 30-min Abbreviated Consult:

This appointment is designed for:

  • A parent who has done backgrond vaccine research and would like help with finalizing a schedule or need a few questions answered.
  • A parent who is looking to design a catch up schedule for school attendance.
  • A parent who has an older child who is partially vaccinated.

We will Cover: 

  • Delayed Schedules: Help in constructing a delayed schedule that best suits your child’s risk factors. Please note that you are expected to come in with a foundational understanding of each vaccine preventable infectious disease. 
  • Pre and Post Treatment: Improving the efficacy of immunizations and decreasing the risk of adverse effects. 

Hi, I’m Dr. Ari Calhoun, a perinatal and pediatric Naturopathic Doctor and mother of two. Upon becoming a mother, I realized just how susceptible our children’s brains are to environmental factors, including toxins, microbiome alterations, immune activation, nutrient imbalances, and more. More than that, I realized how much heartbreak and stress brain based disorders can cause for both the child and family. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to identify, prevent, and heal the underlying causes of neurodevelopment and mental health disorders in our children. 

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Want to learn more about our approach? 

Doctor Mom Podcast with Dr Ari Calhoun

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Check Out These Parent’s Experiences!

“I wanted to thank you for all of your help creating [my son’s] vaccination plan. He had PCV and HiB last Wednesday and handled them so well! The experience was night and day to the 2 month vaccinations. I wish I had the confidence to stand up for him then — I feel awful that I put him through that. Thank you so much for doing this work and sharing your knowledge with parents — it’s so important to de-stigmatize this.”

— Anonymous

“I did a vaccine consult with Dr. Ari and I can’t recommend it enough. If you’re wanting to become more educated on vaccines and feel confident in making your vaccine choices, I highly recommend doing a vaccine consult.”

— Mary M

“I cannot thank you enough for producing and sharing this information with me. This is what I have been searching for. Your program is beyond anything I could have imagined. I am a neonatal ICU nurse, and I have gone through 3 pediatricians with my son already. I always left every appointment crying and being made to feel crazy. Thank you, thank you, thank you SO much for creating evidenced based truth that any person can understand. I look forward to learning more from you in the future.”

–— Kaleigh T

Dr Ari Calhoun with patient

Partnering with you to bring about hope and healing.

You shouldn’t have to walk this journey alone.

We believe health care should be comprehensive, individualized, and collaborative!

Are you looking to support your child’s immune system around the time of vaccinations?

Here are a few supplements we love to use around the time of vaccination to support an intelligent immune response!