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We understand that standard medical care is often missing the mark. Our comprehensive approach to treating complex illnesses will guide you on your journey to restore the health of your child and family.

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Vaccines: A Holistic Approach

Your child is a unique individual, and their vaccine schedule should reflect that! We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Our goal is to offer comprehensive unbiased information about both the infection and the associated vaccine, so that you can feel empowered with your vaccine decisions!

Our son struggled with severe tantrums. I was amazed and actually cried the first time he let me talk him through a meltdown. This was only 4 days after starting treatment. We are actually considering having a third child and that is only because Dr. Calhoun was able to help us help our son.

Dr Ari Calhoun has literally been a godsend. We were going through multiple behavioral issues with my 4 year old and felt hopeless. She was so compassionate… 3 weeks into his treatment plan/protocol he is a changed boy!!!

We began working with Dr. Calhoun and within 4 days the bouts of rage, the anger and the violence had stopped. Within 10 days it had all stopped. I remember calling my Mom in tears… Dr. Calhoun has changed our lives and the life of our Daughter forever.

Hi, I’m Dr. Ari Calhoun, a perinatal and pediatric Naturopathic Doctor and mother of two. In my early years of practice, I was specializing in infertility. As fulfilling as it was to help couples conceive the baby that they had been praying for, I soon realized that I couldn’t discontinue care after conception. Through my work and new research, I came to understand that my couples’ offspring were at an increased risk of a neurodevelopmental disorder, and that our work together must be extended beyond this time to nurture the developing child.

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